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BSM helps to create an empowered business owner by focusing on creating a strategic plan for success.

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Helps create efficiency in any small business by creating streamlined approaches for key business functions.

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Helps to bring new energy, excitement and life into your group by giving them real life examples and advice for the future.


Janneh K Wright is an award winning Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach and recognized advocate for better business practices.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Primus Business Management. A holistic management company that partners in support of business leaders who want to focus on their core mission, save money and leave important operational management systems to a trustworthy external specialist. PRIMUS was started to focus on the critical connection between small businesses and nonprofit organizational success and the operational management of their back office services.

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There are more black entrepreneurs, athletes, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and politicians in the United States of America today than at any other point in history. Janneh K. Wright, an entrepreneur and advocate for black-owned businesses, explores the history of the entrepreneurial spirit in the black community—zeroing in on how blacks have been wronged and how desegregation did not live up to its promise. He urges black business owners and entrepreneurs to stop depending on governmental action to fix their problems or right the wrongs of the past. Instead, he urges black businesspeople to look to themselves and to their own communities. By providing useful tools and examples for the business owner, the model provided in this guide will help you win business, invest in black communities, and overcome negative perceptions. You can also enhance entrepreneurial skills, boost profitability, and lift up yourself while lending others a hand with the lessons and strategies in Black Business Success Model.

Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for your meeting or event? Do you need someone to help drive home the concepts of business strategy, growth and the connective economic and social power of a business lead community?

Janneh K Wright’s natural conversational style of speaking is insightful and powerful. He takes his time to walk through business concepts and strategies with down to earth stories to help illustrate his points. He covers topics related to business development and growth strategies and the interconnection between business and community.

His talks range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the audience and requirements always leaving time for questions and comments.

Are you looking for some to set the tone for your event or motivate your stakeholders on business strategies and growth? Or do you need someone to help facilitate a strategy meeting?

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