Transactional Leadership that optimizes Performance is about creating structure in your organization that will lead to profitability, growth, and results.

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Janneh K. Wright.

Janneh is a dynamic and effective business leader with over 20 years of experience working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Janneh engages and empowers high performing teams to exceed expectations. He demonstrates a prolific understanding of big picture business inner workings leading to consistent increased efficiencies. Janneh has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a dual MBA degree in Finance and Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Janneh Talks About

Transactional Leadership That Optimizes Performance


  • Create an ecosystem for accounting that will allow them to increase efficiency, accuracy and profitability
  • Create Reports that allow leaders to better understand the financial position of their organization
  • Research and find the best programs that help them increases the efficiency of the finance department


  • Create a organization culture that will lead to business optimization
  • Implement DEI process as the core of their HR department creating the ability to find and retain the best employees.
  • Develop a culture based on compliance and consistency to reduce employee issues and improve moral.


  • Optimize the growth of you organization by utilizing current assets and resources
  • Enhance the power of word-of-mouth marketing by relying of customers or clients
  • Stretch resources by utilizing the power of outsourcing


  • Create transitional goals that help them create the path of success
  • Implement systems that make goal setting a part of their business culture
  • Develop a tracking plan that helps them stay on track to accomplish goals.

Types of Businesses Janneh Works with

Small Businesses

Companies seeking to establish systems for efficiency gains, management compliance, risk management, and growth.

Medium Businesses

More developed businesses looking for reviews, evaluations, and support of their existing systems. Companies looking for additional external resources to supplement their operations.

Nonprofit Organizations

501(c)3 organizations seeking to maximize their resources while focusing on their core mission by outsourcing essential business practices to trusted external experts.

Learn how Janneh K Wright coaches small and medium sizes businesses across the US and in the Caribbean. He teaches about the benefits and power of  TRANSACTIONAL LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES.  Learn why successful organizations and companies have benefited from these strategies, helping them to increase profits and heightened employee engagement.

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