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As a business owner you do not need any more advise, you need practical, proven solutions to grow your business the right way

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What I Do

I believe that the most important resource a business owner has is time. 

My job is to get you more time!

I Coach.

The 1-on-1 training is designed to help you set clear goals, a plan to achieve them and metrics to track your progress.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I Speak.

A Serial Entrepreneur and author of The Black Business Success Model and creator of the TAPS theory of Business Change. I speak from a place of experience and knowledge to help grow businesses and make them more profitable

I Write.

Janneh’s first book provides useful tools and examples for the business owner, the model provided in this guide will help you win business, invest in the Black community and overcome the negative perceptions that plague Black Businesses

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My Books & Articles

Janneh has a passion for sharing not only his success story but also of the pitfalls he has encountered. Hearing the journey of other Black entrepreneurs pushed Janneh to become a Business Consultant and Speaker. He uses his Blog to give advise and communicate best practices to the world.


“Janneh is the go to person in every project that he is involved in. He is a dependable and adept leader who is able to motivate any team to work at its highest capacity. Janneh is also committed to serving his community equally as he serves his clients.”

Simone C

My Story

Janneh K. Wright is a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for better business practices within the Caribbean and Black communities. He has more than fifteen years of experience leading the finance and administrative departments of nonprofit organizations and operates his own consulting firm, PRIMUS Business Management