Business Success Model

The American Small Business Association labels small businesses as the engine of the economy. Over 50% of all Americans own or work for a small business. Successful small business are job and wealth creating centers for their communities and the economy at large. With that said 80% of all businesses will fail within the first eighteen months. To counter this we must change the way business is taught and practiced. This must start with understanding your business and strategically planning for the future. We do this by focusing on Three fundamental planning Approaches:

Goals- Driving Planning

A proactive mission driven approach with the well defined goals that will motivate and energize any group. Create a great way to measure progress over a period of time as you create your own future.

Scenario analysis

Access to training systems and coaches are an important part of the growth, development and education of any business owner. It is important to always have knowledge of things important to your business whether you outsource the function or  not.  Utilizing a mix of webinars, In-Person and prerecorded trainings, Business Owners will have access to the information they need to help them build a successful business.  

Capabilities-based planning

Access to a proactive business to business environment.  Providing a space for collaboration, referrals mentoring and Business to Business sales.  We are stronger as a community and we must build a strong community.

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