Finance Based Optimization

Financial management and accounting is more than a mandatory act that is required for tax season. It is more then just three financial reports created monthly. It is about creating the best financial management systems that works for your organization. It is a about creating a culture that emphasizes, compliance, consistency, and monitoring.

In this session you will learn how to optimize the accounting procedures by taking a detailed review of processes needed to attain the financial information needed to run the business. She will be able to direct the accounting team to produce the types of reports that will increase his decision making. 

After this program you will be able to:


Organizations, Associations, small, medium and large size companies who want to OPTIMIZE their productivity and increase employee’s ability to lead effectively.

Also: Conference keynotes/breakouts, Association meetings, Corporate events, Banquets, Incentive Trips, Colleges and Universities. 

Customization Options: Keynote or Onsite Strategic Work Session

Alternate titles: 

  • 3 Keys to next level financial management 
  • Maximizing Financial Reporting 

 Program Length: 

This program can be customized from 60 minutes (keynote/breakout) to half-day.