Goal Based Optimization

The GPS (Goal Position Strategy), is about helping to create a long, mid and short term goals for your agency. These are not three different goals but one goal with three ore more reflection points.

Goal setting is an important part of any business. Unfortunately, most business owners create one-year goals and restart every year. This leads to confusion and no real vision for the organization. During this session, you will be able to set goals that are audacious and attainable.

After this program you will be able to:


Organizations, Associations, small, medium, and large size companies who want to OPTIMIZE their productivity and increase employees’ ability to lead effectively.

Also: Conference keynotes/breakouts, Association meetings, Corporate Events, Banquets, Incentive Trips, Colleges, and Universities.

Customization Options: Keynote or Onsite Strategic Work Session

Alternate titles:

  • 3 Keys to Developing Directional Goals
  • Maximizing the success rate of Accomplishing Goals

Program Length:

This program can be customized from 60 minutes (keynote/breakout) to half-day.