Human Resources based Optimization

Some of the best ran organizations in the world, have placed Human Resources and JEDI, (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) practices as a core part of their culture. Making this a central part of her agency will not just create a collaborative culture it will also lead to increase efficiency and profitability.  The organizations that make it Human Resources as an afterthought, usually struggle with recruiting, employee engagement and satisfaction. 

In this session you will take a hard review of your Human Resource practices, to evaluate the culture that has been created. You will review  their transaction sections of an employee’s term at your business to understand how JEDI was utilized. 

After this program you will be able to:

  • Audiences: 

Organizations, Associations, small, medium and large size companies who want to OPTIMIZE their productivity and increase employee’s ability to lead effectively.

Also: Conference keynotes/breakouts, Association meetings, Corporate events, Banquets, Incentive Trips, Colleges and Universities. 

 Customization Options: Keynote or Onsite Strategic Work Session

Alternate titles: 

  • 3 Keys to creating a culture that is in line with the organization’s values
  • Culture Building

 Program Length: 

This program can be customized from 60 minutes (keynote/breakout) to half-day.